Monday, February 27, 2017

Nice new bedroom!

Yesterday we got that rug installed out there in that new bedroom on the old porch, but once that floor was complete, today we put the bed and chairs and tables out there, too!  Of course we still don't have those marble window sills and walls, but hey -- it feels pretty good out there already anyway!

It's really nice to me to lay down there on  that bed and watch the horses right outside that window!  I love that.

Of course, we haven't put that heating/air conditioner in there yet so it isn't perfect temperature just yet, but that's going to happen very soon as well.    

And I also plan to put some pictures up on the walls and put in some plants as well.  But hey -- it won't take all that long now for me to do that these days.    

So it's nice now that in the next year or so when our relatives come back down to Louisiana (one couple lives in Mississippi, and the other in Washington, DC currently) so they can build their new homes in the acreages right next door.   Thus they can live here with us in our house while they build those houses.  Since we have FIVE bedrooms now that we got that one built out on the old porch it'll be perfectly fine for them to hang out here while they build.  Looking forward to getting them down here soon.  We'll be SO glad to have them living next door eventually instead of living SO far away currently.

And hey -- any of you friends and relatives in other states can come down to visit anytime now as well.  Looking forward to seeing you all!

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