Monday, February 27, 2017

It's sure getting better around here!

We've been doing SO many things around this place over the last few months, but we're finally getting there.  Whew! 

As for me at the moment, I'm listening on YouTube on the computer to the wonderful Al Stewart music I like so much. One of my favorite songs is "The Year of the Cat" . . .  you could hear that if you like at:            

And for that matter, you could also hear All Stewart's "Time Passages" song, too, at

When I'm working on my desk and not adding anything on the computer, that computer turns itself off, but if I put music on YouTube the computer WON'T turn off so I like that.

Anyway, this weekend we pulled out the plants that got ruined over the winter and we put in new Azaleas and some other similar plants out in front of the front porch:

And we obviously cut down all those tall trees in there as well --
hope they get installed again come spring.

But it IS finally much better so far this spring anyway.
AND we've gotten the back porch room cleaned up.  As I noted previously, Gigi really screwed up that area big time -- here are the photos of that yukky porch last fall:

But Gigi now is over on the other end of the porch and will not get into that room anymore!

But see below -- we have it SO much better now.  But we still need to put in all the furniture and it'll be still another month until Jenkins Tile & Marble come over and install all those marble window sills and walls below ALL those windows. Can't wait!  But in the meantime, we cleaned up all those walls and added wood over the floor boards, then added a rug over top of that!  And I got ALL those curtains that are only the length of the actual windows.   And although we installed just two actual windows, the rest of those windows are just glass.  Love it! 

Those yukky walls below the windows got messed up when the dog was in there, but once Jenkins get over here, they will be putting in marble walls all the way around.  It'll look much better by then.

I'm going to put in a bed over there at the right around the corner.  It'll be nice to be able to lay there and watch the horses right outside those windows.  At night, they hang out there at the barn where they have lots of hay and water over there.  And if it's raining, they have a giant roof on their outside porches, too.

Oh, and we also put in roofing out in the back yard AND added a 12 foot building.  I can keep things inside that little building that won't get wet out there anymore.  

That big white roofing thing is huge --  probably about 30 feet or more wide in BOTH dog yards so that when it rains they can both get out there without getting wet!

Fortunately, you don't actually see that thing from inside the house.  And if it serioiusly storms someday and it gets ruined, we'll still have that building down there below it.  It's been fastened on to the cement so no matter how much storm comes that building won't ever move at all.  Unfortunately, the dogs won't get to come out without getting wet if that big white thing ever  gets ruined.  But I guess we only had that bad serious storm only ever 10 or 12 years so I hope it'll hang out for a long time!  

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