Sunday, January 22, 2017

That room on the back porch is getting there!

Hey, although that room on the porch isn't QUITE done yet it'll sure be done before TOO long!  

Jerry comes by every weekend to clear out the horse barn and pasture, but he repainted all those porch walls and even the sides of those windows as well as both doors!  So that area is looking much better now -- but of course the windows and all that marble on the window sills and all the walls below the windows -- even the new floor out there  -- haven't been installed just yet.  

But we ARE about to put in all those windows soon.  The glass company is coming over this Friday to confirm the sizes (we told them the size of what we needed installed, but they insist on checking it out themselves before they bring that glass over here).  We've bought LOTS of those PVC white quarter round sticks to place around the windows to keep that glass in place.  So we'll be installing those on the outside edge of the windows.  Then when the glass company places those glass up against those quarter round sticks, then we'll just place additional quarter round sticks on the inside of the glass as well.  Then that'll hold all that glass in place completely.  
And we'll also be getting two actual installation windows  as well (instead of plain glass) so that if we will want to open windows we'll have two of the 11 windows that we will be able to open.  Also, since we have a heating/air conditioner it has to go out through a window so we knew we HAD to have a window there next to it, not just glass.

And John Schexnaildre, the guy from that garage floor experts store over in Port Allen, will be coming over next week and putting in that really good flooring over top of those old porch floor boards.   It'll be pretty much white!  Nice. 

Our porch floor will look good like this - but he sent several photos of possible colors.  
I'm not sure what this is - a garage or a basement or whatever, but it's be fine on our porch.   

I saw that flooring over in the LSU Veterinary hospital when I took Gigi a couple months ago so I called a guy to come check it out over here on the porch.  And John came and said he'd be glad to put it in there.  But he has to go work on installing something for five days over in California this week so he can't come do it until the NEXT week! I was really happy to have him come by here from close by over in Port Allen, but apparently folks want that company to work for them all over the country, not just close by!  Gees! 

Anyway, I haven't taken many pictures currently, but I sure will post lots of new pictures here once we get everything done out there.  Looking forward to it.

Oh - and Jerry and Mark replaced that tent top cover out in the back yard. It ended up being larger than it needed to be, but it sure looks pretty good now.  Then we'll be adding covers on the sides as well, but we haven't gotten around to those just yet. 

I'll tell you what -- once weve retired we sure have been working on all kinds of things here at the house these days! Sure hope we get it done soon.  We sure need to just relax around here eventually! 

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