Tuesday, May 9, 2017

So much has been done finally!

Someone came by a couple weeks back to let us know that they were about to install both of our driveways coming in from the road across that huge drainage ditch running along the front, and all the way across the front of our large property eventually.  And they also come to install some driveways in front of that four acres right next door where are relatives are going to build their homes eventually.  

Our relatives bought that acreage a couple years back, but both couples are about to build their houses as soon as they retire from their businesses far away from Louisiana. Mark's sister Vicki and her husband John currently live just outside of Washington DC (DC is where her husband currently works for the federal government).  And the other couple currently live over in Mississippi since they're both working for the Veterins Administration over there.  But since they both used to live here in Louisiana, both couples will be building their houses right next door as soon as they retire -- and they'll both be back in Baton Rouge (well - St. Gabriel, actually).  Anyway, they needed driveways installed across that drainage ditch in front of THEIR properties so that they could drive in and especially that the guys who build their houses will also be able to drive in!  So we were all very happy to have them installing those things last week!

There were three or four trucks plus all kinds of machines going to work on installing those containers to make driveways available across that drainage ditch there in front.

Those containers are much larger than the older one was in our front driveway because they want all that water to move through that area over to the water line along the side of our property.  And we sure are glad about that since we really don't want water raising up into our house ever!  It didn't happen last summer, but the water raised up very near the front porch that's about two feet higher than the property.

 Here was a photo I took when I woke up and saw that the water was coming up to the house last August!  (But thankfully if didn't make it all the way up into our house.)

But that water was even higher out in the back pasture!

So our horses raced up to their barn and they just stayed there on their porch where they only had about 3 or 4 inches of water on that porch -- WAY less than out in the pasture!

Anyway, those guys did remove the cement from out of our driveway last week and installed a much larger container under the driveway.  And they installed it all the way over the water line on the side finally - about 120 feet wide!   But the guy who's going to put back the cement will eventually be here maybe next month. 


Then we'll be having him add concrete from that entry over to the existing driveway so it'll be possible to drive in and just go around and drive out the new driveway that was just installed without turning the car around.  Looking forward to that!

Well, a week or two ago we finally got that new bedroom installed in what WAS the back porch previously. I thought that would be all we only needed to deal with.  And now that exterior bedroom IS a great place these days.  That Jenkins Tile & Marble company finally came by last month (after I requesting them back in November of LAST year!) and installed the marble walls and all those marble window sills as well.  

That marble wall and marble window sill runs all the way around in that room!   And they gave me that marble "wood" piece along the floor so that I can put electric down and it won't be visible.  Oh - and I got that air conditioner installed as well since that room isn't getting the heat and cooling inside the house.  But hey - it's just a good as the other bedrooms now.  Nice.

And as you can see - it's easy to see the horses out in the pasture OR over in the barn.  I love that.

Of course this blogger hasn't been installed for quite a while since I've been working on things at the house, then just resting!  But I'll try and remember to add something to this blog much sooner again.

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