Saturday, July 9, 2016

Okay - FINALLY finished the porch . . .

We worked on the front porch all morning, but I sure got super wet while doing that! . . . it was incredibly hot out there. But it IS finally completed.  And I'll tell you what - yesterday when I went over to Goodwill to check out small items like artificial plants, etc. I saw that they had a huge old sofa that was incredibly cheap! . . . and it was actually the same exact turquoise color as ALL those seats out there on our porch. As cheap as it was, I bought it instantly and we went over and picked it up this morning.  Check it out -- 
I like that new sofa - it matches everything else out there on the porch!

It obviously wouldn't be good enough to be inside a living room, but it seems perfectly okay on the porch to me!  And since it's leather and not fabric, it'll be fine outside.

Then today we got all the rest of the curtains put up out there finally as well.  I wanted to put curtains up so that when it rains those seats couldn't get wet.  If it storms and there's horrendous wind, I can spread the curtains out and link them to the fence so the wind won't blow them away.  And then the wind won't blow the rain onto the porch.

Oh, and I got a rental car yesterday that I can drive until my Ridgeline gets repaired eventually.  It's a Kia Sedona XL.  It's not a truck, but it does have seats for at least 6 people.  But more importantly, that third line of back seats can get laid down so that I can put a dog back there to take it anywhere. And with it in there, that dog wouldn't be able to jump up into the front seat while I'm driving.  Very nice.

But even though that Kia is a nice car, I DO want my Ridgeline back. I love that truck more than any vehicle I've ever owned before.  So I sure hope they're able to fix it up eventually but they haven't let me bring it in for repair just yet.

I even took some pics of that completed porch after dark this evening as well --  
That blue light there on the table on the right is for killing bugs --
and that thing is FULL of dead bugs.  It sure works well!

That new bright top light there by the front door is also set to kill bugs as well - but we just put it up yesterday so we haven't actually seen whether that works as well as that blue light on the table there because we actually haven't turned on that top light very much at night so far.  So eventually we'll see.
Well I'm glad that porch was completed because next week is going to be really busy so we sure wouldn't have time to deal with it. I have to go to two doctors, Mark has to go to a doctor, Gigi has to go to LSU, etc. etc. etc. And after finishing working out there in the horrendous heat today I'm SO glad we could finally kick back and relax.  Phew!  And right now it's time for me to go collapse completely for the night! 

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