Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hey - at least the PORCH is pretty much completed --

Of course the truck is still a mess (we're waiting for the the repair company to let us know when to take it in once they have all the parts) but we have at least pretty much gotten the front porch updated currently anyway.  I AM waiting for another bunch of curtains of course (I didn't order enough them the first time apparently).  You can see below that there are some curtains over on the right side of the porch, but they're going to be all the way across before long.  They should be delivered in another week or two.  But at least by now we have gotten that raised bed pretty much updated and all that furniture up on the front porch instead of out in the back yard any longer.  We're happy about that anyway.  And we got those posts put in today to keep those curtains from blowing out when it's windy out there.
We just added another couple 

So now it'll be nice to have folks over so we can hang out outside if THEY have to smoke (so NOT inside!).  But of course that really isn't happening at the moment -- it's about 100 degrees outside these days -- NOT a good time to be out there just yet.

I like those curtains.  I'll be glad when they're over on the other side as well soon.

But at night now, the porch is also visible.  We got that gutter put across the front porch to keep the rain from running off the roof onto that raised bed a couple weeks ago.  So we got those guys installing it to add our seven solar lights along there as well when they put it up and those lights work well. Then we added even more solar lights into the raised bed as well.  And after we had a number of them in there, we even got four more of a different type that kills bugs.  They're getting a bunch of those bugs away from those plants.  And we also have some electrical ones on the porch as well that kill the flies and wasps, etc. really REALLY well. (We just wanted to be sure we wouldn't be getting bitten by bugs when we're eventually out there!)

These work REALLY well up on the porch -
that base is FULL of dead bugs!

Those solar lights up there on that gutter above the porch work very well.
No need to turn on those bright porch lights for folks to find their way into
the house at night now.  Those solar lights make it perfectly light enough.

See those white curtains there on the right?  . . .
there will be some on this close side as well in another couple weeks.

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