Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hey! . . . time for our casual life to begin!

Yep . . . Mark is "retired" beginning TODAY -- a job he's been doing for more than 30 years.  He IS still out on his rig at the moment, but he'll be coming home to stay tonight! 

I'll tell you what, we'll miss his salary but I'm going to be even MORE grateful to have him home all the time!  He IS getting paid for another two months, so I'm sure we'll have time to figure out how to deal with everything in plenty of time.  

You know, I've looked forward to this situation for years and years and years and years -- most of my life.  Now I can hardly believe that it has actually come to be "already"!   

Wow!  Imagine!  We can do whatever we want WHENEVER we want starting right now!  Amazing!

Life is good . . . WAY BETTER than good!   Fantastic!

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Misfit said...

Even though it was an unexpected situation, I am happy for both of you. Have a ball!