Monday, September 22, 2014

Gorgeous weather has begun! . . . FINALLY!

And we finally got around to putting the horses out into the front yard this weekend.   But once they got filled up with grass, they all laid down and went to sleep.  Well - Duke and Arthur laid down.  Shadow went to sleep standing up.

There they all are - fast asleep.
That giant line across the top of this pic is the electric fence line that
keeps the horses out of our flower beds next to the front porch.
I had to take the picture under it since it's up above my eye level.

Arthur never used to lay down, but since Shadow came he tends to lay down next to her whenever he gets a chance.  He's apparently confident that she will protect him if he goes to sleep.   ;-D

 But when Shadow goes to sleep standing up, she sometimes doesn't notice when Duke decides to come harass Arthur.
Like this next pic . . . this is a typical example of what happens when Duke decides Arthur has no business laying around --
Once Shadow realizes Duke is heading for Arthur she'll get between them, but Arthur is wise to wonder if she's going to wake up and stop him in time! 
They did really well out there for most of the weekend, but then Duke went back to eating those branches off the bottom of the Magnolia trees so then it was back to the back pasture again for them!  I'm afraid that stuff might be bad for them.  But while they were locked out in the front yard, Jerry took out all those posts around the center and back of their paddocks (I'll have to take some pictures out there tonight), so now we're ready for Zoilo to come by and put up that round pen I've been wanting!  Yippee!! I can't WAIT!! 
I'm not brave enough to ride Shadow when she can race around the entire property -- and she DOES love to do that!  But once we have the round pen up, she's going to get ridden regularly!  I don't know how SHE feels about that, but I absolutely cannot wait!  Zoilo won't be able to get them up until two weeks from now, but I guess that's not all THAT long, given how many YEARS I've been wishing for a round pen.  Looking forward to it!

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