Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quite a night . . .

When it storms, we usually close the gates on Arthur's and Lizzie's paddocks, but leave Duke's gate open because the moment he hears thunder or feels a sprinkling rain he RACES for his stall, then  stands there with his head out the door watching it pour until it's over.  So last night (I was sleeping out on the porch again) I was awakened around midnight when the rain suddenly began to come down in sheets.  I looked over at the barn and -- no Duke.  But I figured he'd be back shortly and went back to sleep.  But about 3 AM horrendous thunder and all sorts of lightening strikes woke me up big time.  And STILL no Duke!  What the heck? . . .

So I went upstairs and looked out the window up there where I can see most of the pasture and there he was -- standing out in the back with his head down looking VERY unhappy.  Well, I couldn't go back to sleep, not knowing why he was behaving so strangely, for him.  So I got out my rain jacket and umbrella, put on my tall boots and waded out to check on him.  Not sure why he was just standing there, because when I got out there I found that he could move -- the moment he saw me he came right over and walked directly behind me with his head over my shoulder as I headed back toward the barn.  Then the moment we got to his gate, he ran around me and raced into his stall. 

I will never understand why on earth he felt  he had to be stuck out in the middle of a rainstorm that he normally NEVER would have put up with voluntarily.  Hey - even if it's not raining, if the other two are closed in, he generally doesn't go out further than just behind the back fences on their paddocks without them.  He just hangs out, waiting for them to be turned out. 

Well, live and learn.  Next time they predict a major storm I WILL close his gate, as well.  Not sure what his problem was, but I DO know that I certainly never again want to be wading around out in back in the middle of the night while the lightening and thunder are going off when I CAN make that unnecessary!

I still  managed to get in here to work by 7:45 this morning, but I have to say I'll definitely be glad when it's time to get back into bed tonight, that's for sure!

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