Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dogs, dogs, dogs --

Facebook is a fine thing, isn't it?  Here's a picture of David and Sam that Dave posted this week.  It's soooo cute.  You can't even tell in that picture that Sam has any problems.  
Poor Sam is really really old, though, and has a kind of "dog dementia" to the point where Wendy and Dave take turns staying with him because they discovered in Dave's online video home security camera that Sammy has major problems when left alone these days.

We adopted him initially from Jan when she was the Animal Control director in a nearby Parish.  We had several other dogs at the time, so when Wendy and Dave came down to visit and fell in love with him we let them take him home with them.  He was well under a year old at the time.  I think he's about 12 or 14 or so now and is rapidly aging.  

He isn't a purebred dog, but I'm sure he's at least part Akita.  He looks very much like one, and is the appropriately large size.  Here are some photos of purebred Akitas.  They look a lot like Sammy, don't you think?

Got a note from Lisa today, too -- Chloe, their German Shepherd, is going to be put down today.  Very sad.  They've had her for many years, as well.  They had her for some years when they lived down here in Louisiana, then they've been living up in Minnesota now for probably 6 years or more (I can't remember exactly!), but it's been a long time.  So I'm sure she's very old at this point.  So I'm pretty sure she's ready to give up completely and just get some rest.  But poor Lisa and Savannah -- I'm sure it's very sad for them, though. 
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It's been a really bad day for dogs after all --
I started this entry this afternoon at work when I heard from Lisa about Chloe.  Then when I got home, I noticed some odd little bits of something on the floor in the bedroom.  As I began picking them up, I suddenly realized that they were chewed up pieces of a RAZOR!  Oh, God!  I used one this morning in the shower and it probably ended up on the floor.  Apparently Joey checked the place out and picked it up . . . picked it up and ATE IT!!
This is a new double-blade razor -- next to all that was left of the one Joey ATE!
Given that one of the double razor blades was missing and the other chewed up, the obvious thing for me to do was get him into the truck and head over to the vet, where they did a number of x-rays.  They didn't find any metal in his intestines in any of those views, but that definitely doesn't mean he has no problem. 
They complemented me on how he gave them no trouble at all keeping him laid down for the x-rays, but all that meant to me was that he wasn't feeling himself or it would have definitely required a number of folks to hold him down ordinarily. 
He had to have eaten that razor between 7:30 AM and 12:30 noon when Mark turned all the dogs outside, so it may well have passed through by the time I came home.  But it may also have cut his intestines somewhere along the way!  He's  on Milk of Magnesia for the next two days and we have to keep a close eye on him to see 1) if there is blood in his stools, and 2) if he throws up.  Either way, it would indicate that he has a slash somewhere inside and he would have to go back to the vet immediately.  
He gave me no trouble at all about lapping up that Milk of Magnesia, but all he wants to do is lay down now.  So . . . fingers crossed that he feels better by morning. 
Joey turned four years old last week and he has been so SO good lately.  He hasn't tried to chew up anything anymore.  So it's just amazing to me that he downed that entire razor!  If anything bad happens to him, I'll never forgive myself for leaving that razor in the shower.

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