Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back to "normal" --

Well, apparently Joey didn't get any incisions in his gut from eating that razor Thursday - thank heaven.  Not sure how the heck it's possible to eat an entire razor and get NO injuries, but apprently he did.  I did see a couple of tiny little cuts on one of his feet, but there was nothing in his mouth that the vet could find.  And he gets to quit taking the Milk of Magnesia twice a day after today.  We are BOTH going to be relieved about that!  He won't have to go out every few hours -- and I won't have to go with him and check his poop for metal bits and pieces. 
I decided to rearrange the bedroom furniture today and ended up putting Joey gigantic crate (4 X 5 1/2 feet square x 4 feet tall) in the area in front of the wide bedroom window so he could look out the window from inside the crate.  But we had the wicker loveseat sitting outside of that window so he wasn't actually able to see out very well.  So . . . I rearranged the porch furniture, as well.  Moved the loveseat over in front of the dining room window and the chaise over to the bedroom end of the porch.  So now he can see out just fine and he's been spending a lot of his time in there today.
It was pretty funny when I got ready to feed them this evening, though.  Joey ALWAYS eats only inside his crate.  So when he hears me pouring that food into the bowls, he races over and gets in his crate and sits there - often barking - waiting for his dinner.  But today when I brought his food in, he raced over to the corner where his crate USED to be and climbed behind the chairs that are sitting over there now --even though his crate was right there in front of him on the other side of the room.  He's not the brightest bulb on our Christmas tree, that's for sure.  Ended up having to lead him over there to his crate and set the food down in front of him before he would quit trying to get back to the old corner.  So we'll see if he's figured it out yet in the morning when I bring his food in next time. 
I also got our taxes filed today.  Whew!  We always get a refund -- and I always put off filing the darned things until close to the deadline.  I just HATE doing them.  Well, it's over now for another year.  Yeaaaaaaa!!!!

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