Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I almost forgot . . .

I was transferring photos from my camera to the computer when I saw these pictures I took the other night just after we heard a huge explosion.  We ran out to the front porch and discovered that the neighbors across the road had either ignited something, or thrown "something" into their existing fire that had exploded.  Since they're often heard shooting back there in the woods behind their house, I wouldn't be surprised if it had been some ammunition of some sort! Whatever it was, it was so huge that it absolutely shook our house!  It was SO loud that my first thought was that it had to be one of those huge chemical companies along the Mississippi River nearby.
Well, whatever it was, it was only minutes before plenty of police and firemen showed up. 

But for some reason, they never attempted to put the fire out, and I don't really understand why that was.  That fire was so close to their house! . . . and I know a lot of those trees are going to be seriously singed.   But it did go out before too long - maybe half an hour or so - and the house didn't catch fire.  So I guess they had an explanation of some sort for the fireman anyway.  But whatever it was, I sure hope they refrain from doing that again!  Pretty darned frightening.

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