Monday, March 11, 2013

What a mess --

I kept trying to get that ##@!!?&^%$  Conduit Search program removed from both my desktop computer AND my laptop, but the result has been that now neither of them can access the internet.  Grrrrrr!  So at the moment I am posting on Mark's computer.  I'm not sure how I managed to screw up both of my own computers, but I'm not going to do a darned thing on his but enter this blog post and order myself a Windows 8 program so I can just reformat my hard drives and then install Windows 8.  Fortunately, most of my data is stored on an external hard drive completely separate from the main computer and I also have MyPCBackup that stores everything from all the drives online.  So I guess if I did put anything of value on the "C" drive I'll be able to download it after I reformat that drive.  But when I get all that done that Conduit crap had BETTER be gone.  If it isn't I seriously believe I'll be ready to throw the whole d___d computer in the trash!
But then I'm just not all that cheery today about much of anything.  Since my right arm had been so painful that it was keeping me awake, my doctor gave me pain meds to take before going to bed each night and I had been doing that now for the last two weeks.  So last night I decided I better quit taking the stuff and see if I could get through the night without it.
Ha!  I must have wakened up 37 times if I woke up once!  For one thing, it was storming last night so the sound of the rain and wind woke me off and on.  And then when I'd finally have fallen asleep I'd turn over onto my right side and the sharp pain in my shoulder would have me sitting straight up!  But I did persist and I did NOT take any more of those pain pills.  I think I was getting way too used to the stuff because I felt really schizy all day today - I had a hard time sitting still and getting my work done.  Sure hope that wears off FAST . . . like tonight say!
Oh - and those human growth hormone capsules I ordered last month showed up a week or so ago.  Well, you have to take 4 capsules at a time at least 2 hours after eating anything, and then you can't eat anything else for ANOTHER two hours.  So since I ALWAYS have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I decided to take the stuff then when I for sure have an empty stomach.  And that has been working very well.  But when I took them on Friday night  . . well, about 4 am Saturday morning actually, things did NOT go well.  Those are 4 HUGE capsules that you have to take each night, and I had been taking 2 at a time.  Well that night the second set of 2 got STUCK in my throat.  It wasn't where it interfered with my breathing, but rather a bit lower than that.  I didn't even realize they were stuck at first.  But as I tried to drink more water, each time my throat compressed to swallow, the water would just gush back up my throat and out of my mouth because it couldn't get through!  When I realized what was happening, I was getting pretty darned panicky!  But then it occurred to me to go put some water in the microwave and swallow super-HOT water, and that melted the darned things enough that they managed to go on down.  Whew!  But for the next couple days my throat hurt like the devil every time I swallowed, even with nothing in my mouth!  That was the first time in my life I EVER had that problem.  I had no idea you could get something stuck in your throat in a position where coughing had no effect!  Gees!
And THEN when I finally decided there was no way I was going to get more sleep and I was getting up early Saturday morning, Mark came flying in telling me to call the police because Duke was gone!!!!  
Oh no!  We both had visions of him having been hit by a car but alive, and us having to figure out a way to get him pulled off the highway and over to LSU!   Talk about terrifying!!!  
But just as we were getting ready to call the police, Jerry came to tell us that while he was checking the fencing to see where Duke had gotten out, he found Duke inside the storage building out in back where the mowers and things are stored.  Good grief!  That had happened once before just after we brought the horses home from Al's place.  That time I saw him looking out though the front window of that building, pawing the floor and looking as if he planned to break the glass to get out!!  This time, thankfully, Jerry just went in there through the back door and Duke simply turned and followed him back out.  Whew!
Anyway, things have generally been more than a little stressful lately! 
But yesterday we had a nice day.  We drove out to visit with Jan and Mike since they will be leaving next weekend for a 2-week trip out west, and then we all went out to eat.  I always enjoy those visits a lot.  But now they'll be gone for two weeks, and Mark will be gone back to work for two weeks starting tomorrow too.  So I hope the NEXT couple weeks don't go down the tube for any reason with no one around to help! 
Well, I guess I'll spend tomorrow sorting out which things need to be moved to my new office, and which stuff needs to be trashed.  That way I won't have to sit still all day long.  That should be helpful.  Then on Wednesday I get to start getting up an extra 45 minutes early again to feed the horses before heading to work.  Hey -- I better go ahead and go to bed NOW.  This is my last night to sleep reasonably late for another two weeks!   
So good night, all!

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