Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mid-way in everything --

At work today, the office assistants moved everything except my desk and the current project folders over to my new office.  And I brought home the artificial plants I had in my office this evening to clean them up.  They haven't been dusted in all the years they've been sitting in there so at this point, they're sort of a soft grey-green instead of "real" green because they're absolutely covered with dust!  NOT a good thing. 
But according to "the boss," I'm not supposed to PERSONALLY change offices until he gets back on Tuesday. 
Well, "maybe.  But since both attorneys will be out both Friday and Monday I just may manage to get moved while they're gone -- I hope, because on Tuesday the 19th, the Patent Office is going to put in place a new fee schedule.  Part of the fee change involves a third "entity status."  Previously, patent owners were considered either "large entities" (for example, large corporations or patents licensed to a large corporation) or "small entities" (individuals, or public universities, among others).  And the cost of virtually everything would either be large (full price) or small (half price).  But after Tuesday, there will be a third "entity status" -- "micro."  The standard fees for large and small entities will go up significantly on Tuesday, but then anyone who qualifies as a "micro" entity (that one is a bit complicated) will pay just HALF the cost of the previously lowest "small" entity fee.  So a lot of our (LSU) clients are putting off any activity until after Tuesday so they can pay those new lower fees.  That's obviously the thing to do, of course, but those whose deadlines are coming up this week are definitely going to keep me busy!  So I think I had better already be moved by then so I'll be able to deal with all that calmly. 
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And then at home, David has gotten rid of those double wall ovens  we wanted out of there, and he has  already installed the new under-counter oven.  But now he has to build four new drawers and extend the counter-top over the new oven and across the space where the wall ovens were removed.  And he'll have to put up the bead-board back splash I want installed.  I decided to use bead-board because it can be repainted if I decide to repaint the cabinets down the road.  Any tile back splash couldn't be changed, so I don't want to use those.  I thought about using a plain glass back splash over regular paint, but that would be a bit difficult to change out down the road, too, so . . . I wrote that off.
But first David has to finish the flooring.  He has already put down all the flooring, but he still needs to install all the baseboards and quarter-round, and the thresholds for the openings between the kitchen/dining room and other rooms and the outside door. 
So everything is currently in flux.  Well - not everything.  Mark got the ground around the barn graded out to level, and he and Jerry put grids down all around it and put those stall mats over the grids.  We got a couple inches of rain Sunday night and Monday and everything stayed neatly in place.  Love it!  We originally just had the mats out there, but when it rained they'd slide around or get pushed down into the ground when the horses walked on them.  But now that they have "grass grids" under them, they're still right where they put them.  Those grids aren't advertised for that kind of use, though.  They're supposed to be put down where you want cars to park, have dirt poured into them and grass planted.  Then the grass is supposed to continue to grow even if trucks park there.  So we figured the horses probably couldn't break them if a truck could drive over them!  And sure enough - they can't! 

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