Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wonderful weekend --

The weather down here has been just gorgeous all week.  Today the temp is supposed to go up to the high 70's and tomorrow and Monday - despite the clouds they're predicting - it's supposed to be over 80!  Love it!
Yesterday I DID get moved over to my new office first thing in the morning!  I think once the office assistants realized that I intended to move MYSELF if they didn't, they decided they could deal with it after all!    Whatever.  Glad it's been done.
They couldn't get my rug out of the old office, though, because there's a ceiling-high file cabinet still full of files that's sitting on it.  But once those files get moved, I'll be bringing the rug home anyway -- it's just too old and bare in spots.  It was under my desk before, but the new office is a lot wider so the bare spots would be way too visible.  Maybe I'll just buy a cheap rug of some sort for in there down the road.  We'll see. 
I did bring home all the dust-covered artificial plants I had in there, though, and hosed them all off. 
This is the tree I had in my office before -- it has to lean against something or it falls over.  So now I'll use a large one that can stand on its own. 

This one sat down on the bottom of my open desk so that you couldn't see the computer wires.  But this time, the wires aren't going to be visible so I won't need it for that.
Because we need a lot more file cabinets than most of the other attorney groups (patents stay current for a VERY long time!), they added file cabinets across the door to the hallway just outside my office.  So I think I'll put this basket up on top of the 6-foot high file cabinet right outside my door so that when I look out my door I'll see something other than just a metal wall!
There's normally a space for a secretary outside every other office, but my office is not one of the normal ones.  Instead, they've used the secretary space outside mine for a locked storage room for computer supplies.  And since they're putting file cabinets across the opening into the main hallway, my office is going to be VERY private . . .  a FINE thing!  And the back wall in there has two windows that extend all the way up to a high ceiling.  Nice. 
My office when I worked in Cincinnati -- back before Mark and I got married -- was just great.  It was in Carew Tower overlooking Fountain Square, right in the middle of the city. 
But ever since I've been working at TPBP, I've been in offices on the interior of the building with no windows at all, let alone any nice view.  Well, the view is still not all that good (4th and Florida), but at least I do have windows finally.
 So I think I'll go in early on Monday so that no clients will wonder what the heck I'm up to when I take in one of the "trees" I picked up at Tuesday Morning a couple weeks ago instead of that one on the porch above that has to lean on something.
This one has a much nicer base -- it's REALLY heavy so it'll be best if I can drag it through the place instead of carrying it. (Guess I should take that price tag off, too, huh?)


That's our new kitchen/dining room flooring in those pictures above.  There's no threshold between the dining room and the entry area because David has to get some wood and stain it to match the wood in the entry before he can put down a threshold.  So at the moment there's just an empty space there in that doorway. 
Jerry came by yesterday and finished weeding all those tall weeds out of the front flower beds.  What an improvement!

Those ferns next to the steps were beautiful all winter.  Then just a week or two ago, it went down past freezing and a lot of them turned brown.  Oh well - it won't take long at all for them to green back up. 

Everything else is blooming like crazy already, but those three Crape Myrtle trees all look dead!  Oh well -- once they do come out they'll soon start to bloom and will bloom all summer long. 
This tulip tree generally blooms first, and THEN the leaves come out.  But this year the leaves have come out first.  Strange.  But lovely, really.

Back when I was looking for a Christmas wreath to put on the door, I came across this one that I really liked better than the Christmas wreaths.  And now that it's spring I can actually put it on the door!

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