Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday morning and . . . nothing

We were SUPPOSED to get a visit from a guy to give us a bid on a kitchen counter top this morning, but no . . . I stayed here at home and tried to get the kitchen looking decent but he never showed up.  Oh well.  Anyone who can't come over to bid when he says he will certainly can't be trusted to do the install on time as promised either, so -- back to the drawing board.
They said it was supposed to storm big time today so I locked the critters inside their paddocks to keep them out from under the trees out in back AGAIN (we have GOT to get those things topped off one of these days), but it looks like the weather guys made that up because when I checked the area radar a few minutes ago there was absolutely NOTHING anywhere near Baton Rouge.
Well, I guess I shouldn't complain -- that IS a good thing.  Guess I'll go let the horses back out again in a minute.
I made progress in the office this week.  Decided to use the rug that has some black in it to try and tie together the black file cabinet and desk and the other little brown / tan file cabinets.  Here's the office without the rug. 

You can't actually see it in this picture, but whoever had this office before apparently dripped coffee all over the place because even after they had the carpet cleaned, it still has lots of little tan spots on there.  Well at least they're all under the rug now.
And here it is with the rug put down and my favorite painting up on the wall again.  Oh - and the windows wide open!  Love all that light!
Got the rug put down and then they put the printer for A4 paper right there on the table behind my desk so I won't have to get up and go over to the copy room every time I need something printed out anymore.  Excellent!  (Okay - so I'm a BIT lazy.  What of it!)

And there's the view from my desk chair.  I've removed those magnetic file holders on the side of it, and all those yukky labels on the file drawers now.  Julie got a hundred or so large label holders so every one of our MANY file cabinets will have similar labels now.  Very nice.  Oh -- and I ordered a nice teal-colored clock for the wall above that file -- then I'm going to stop.  (Yes, Mark - I promise.)
I don't know -- somehow or other that background on that clock just looks
like New Orleans to me.   Whatever -- it will match the mirror anyway.

Okay -- and now it's time to go let the horses out.

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