Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to work in the new space --

Woke up this morning at 4:30 - can you believe???  So I went ahead and got up and cleaned up the kitchen and fed the dogs then went out to feed the horses much earlier than usual.  Found all three of them down on the ground out in Duke's paddock fast asleep.  That's the first time I've EVER seen ALL horses asleep at the same time.  There has always been at least one standing up, awake and keeping a look-out.  Apparently they really DO think their paddocks are safe and homey.  Nice.

Then I came on in to work so I could unload that tree before anyone else showed up.  I knew it wasn't going to be a very flattering procedure for me to haul it in!  And the drive in was interesting, too.  I stuck that tree into the back seat with the top hanging over the front passenger seat.  But the first time I stopped it slipped down between the two front seats making it impossible to see the rear view mirror on the right side of the truck.  But what the heck -- I just made it a point to stay in the right lane all the way in.  No problem. 

So now all I need to do is remember to bring in some nails so I can hang my pictures, get an attractive area rug for the middle of the office, and get some curtains of some sort.  I really don't like seeing those empty curtain rods up there.

Here are the rugs I'm thinking about putting in there at the moment:

This one is my favorite right now.  But the other two have black that would
tie in well with my black desktop and the large black file cabinet on the wall
opposite my desk -- that would be right across on the other side of that rug.

And here's the view out my door where all I can see is file cabinet after file cabinet . . .

On top of that file is where I'm going to stick that
plant basket I used to put under my desk.

I obviously am enjoying changing offices!  I always loved to move my home when I was younger, but that would be WAY too much trouble these days.  But changing offices? . . . now THAT's great since someone else moves all the heavy stuff for me here!

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