Saturday, February 16, 2013

Relief! . . .

Last time we tried turning Lizzie back out with Duke and Arthur, they chased her around for quite a while -- until all three of them were completely exhausted.  So today, I decided to lock Arthur in Duke's paddock and let Lizzie go into Arthur's where she could be near both of them but they couldn't harass her.  And it worked well!
The two of them came up and stood watching her while she
grazed inside the paddock pretending not to even notice them.
So I turned her out with just Duke initially.  She RACED over to the other end of the pasture -- probably expecting to be chased.  But Duke just stood there watching her go -- probably because Arthur wasn't out to run with him, then eventually he ambled slowly over there and grazed next to her.  In the meantime, Arthur was still locked in the paddock and howling to beat the band!   (He had all the dogs barking.)
So I waited 10 minutes or so, until Lizzie had wandered away from Duke and was back there grazing alone and Arthur had finally shut up, then I turned Arthur out, too.  But this time there was no racing around.  She was on the opposite side of the pasture and he did run over toward her, but when she looked in his direction, he instantly stopped and ate grass as if he didn't even see her!  Then when she stopped looking at him and went back to grazing he  would sloooowly edge closer to her.  Took him a few minutes to get close to her but he finally made it.  The boy DOES know how to be subtle -- who knew!
And eventually the two of them were walking around together! 

It LOOKS like Lizzie still has a big cut there on her shoulder, but in fact, for some reason, there is
very dark brown hair growing out along the scar line where the stitches were, while the regular hair
hasn't come back in around it.  It makes it look bad, but it's fine, actually.  Completely healed.
And eventually, Duke joined them and now the three of them are back there grazing together peacefully.  Yeaaaaa!

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