Friday, February 15, 2013

It's apparently "spring" !!

Just spent an hour and a half TRYING to clean up the horses.  I say "trying" because Lizzie had apparently decided suddenly this week that it's spring! In just the last few days her coat has suddenly gone into that just-touch-me-and-my-hair-pulls-out condition.  So I spent almost an hour this evening brushing her with one of those double-edged Furminators . . . the cart that we use to haul the poo out of her stall is now FULL of hair -- and she's STILL shedding!  Wow. 
Duke and Arthur aren't really shedding yet, but they sure are ACTING as if it were spring.  When I walked outside into the dog yard earlier the two of them were racing around and around that little tree out there in the back pasture.  What a couple of characters!

But no one was actually "chasing" anyone really -- the two of them were just "playing."   When they finally stopped they actually looked like they were kissing each other!  Good grief!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to turn Lizzie out with the two of them there in that back pasture.  Believe me, I'm holding my breath. 

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