Sunday, February 3, 2013

PC Problem --

I can't say why, but I THINK downloading "Championship Spades" has somehow or other planted a virus or something in my blog.  I downloaded it yesterday then did my blog, but when I posted it I found that there was a link in there that I had NOT put there (so I deleted yesterday's blog to keep others from going there) -- and now when I go to the blog list (not the blog itself) there is a huge stupid ad in two places on that page (same ad).  It's not entirely solid so I CAN sort of see through it and still use that page but it's not at all good. 

I haven't had a chance yet to see if that's the case if I open it up on a different computer -- I guess that will tell me whether the virus (or whatever it is) is on my home computer or actually in the blog.  It probably is in my own computer though because when I open IE it SHOULD open to my regular home page of iGoogle, but instead it opens now to some really stupid thing called "Conduit."  I change it back to iGoogle and do that "Tools, Internet Options, Use Current" thing but the next time I open a new tab it's that d___d Conduit again!!   Now I'm going to post a photo of that page AND the link below, but PLEASE!  DO NOT GO TO THAT LINK OR YOU MAY END UP WITH THIS MESS ON YOUR COMPUTER.  I'm putting it here so that if I find someone who can help me get rid of it, they can come here and find the info.  [NOTE:  once I put that link in here, a second link got added and I did NOT put that one in, so DEFINITELY do not go anywhere near either of them!!!]

That tiny print under that ridiculous pic on the bottom right says

The page that insists on opening each time I open a new tab is:

As soon as all this happened, I downloaded Norton 360.  It made several HUNDRED Windows updates (3 of which "failed" including one "important" security update - not good) but that problem with "Conduit" is still here.  Okay.  I give up for now.  Enough for today.  Sigh.

NOTE -- When I posted THIS blog, there is a link added to Norton 360 that I did NOT add - and it does NOT go to Norton, so be careful not to go out to ANY link in this blog.  NOT ANY!!

NOTE 2 -- Well, at least all those silly ads are only on my home computer.  Here at the office, those links that get stuck in there NOT by me are not there.  So I guess -- thank goodness -- it won't be necessary to start a different blog after all.  Whew!

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