Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not a good week . . .

Got a note from Shirley yesterday saying Dale had passed out while they were down in Florida for the winter so they had gone to a doctor they had never seen before.  Now Dale has been dealing with heart doctors for 20 years up in Ohio but has never had to do it while they're down there in Florida.  Well, the doctor said he had to have a heart cath immediately.  So they stuck him in the hospital yesterday and Wendy managed to fly down from Ohio by the time they took him in.  Of course, that meant that Dave, her "ex," had to take vacation in order to stay home at night with Sam, their aging dog, while Wendy is down in Florida.  Sam needs to be watched day and night now due to his dog dementia.   They used to take turns keeping Sam, but since he's gotten so senile, he gets extremely upset if he leaves their original home.  So Dave has gone to working nights so that Wendy can come sleep over at his house every night  to watch Sam -- something her "I-thought-he-was-going-to-be-her-fiance" is having a hard time understanding!   Guess I can't blame him too much for that!  But until Sam is gone, I'm sure Wendy and Dave are going to continue to work together to give him constant care because both of them adore the boy.   

ANYWAY . . . back to Dale -- they didn't find a thing that needed fixed while he was having his heart cath, so they took him off of the blood pressure medication to see if that is what's causing him to pass out periodically.  Mark said he thinks it probably is because when HE was taking that stuff, although he didn't actually pass out, whenever he stood up suddenly he would get extremely dizzy.  So we HOPE that's what's been causing Dale's problems and not something that needs "fixed."  At any rate, Wendy will be down there until Sunday, so I hope they have a great visit.  Wish it weren't 11 or 12 hours away from here!

Haven't heard anything from Lisa in MN about Savannah for a day or two either.  And Savannah hasn't posted anything on Facebook for the last four days, so I sure hope she's ok.

Good grief!  I sure wish EVERYONE would be okay at one time . . . like NOW.  Love you all. 

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