Sunday, December 16, 2012

Here comes the rain . . .

Well, the weekend has been gorgeous so far, but this morning we closed the horses in their paddocks, cleaned out their stalls, and fixed them up with lots of hay and nice clean water.  We're expecting to be inundated by a major rain storm in an hour or so.  I HOPE they will have sense enough to say inside their stalls.  But whether they do or not, WE will have sense enough to stay inside our house!
If I didn't have that weather radar on my computer they probably wouldn't be so prepared since it's looked so gorgeous out there so far.  But here's what it's showing at this moment. 

So now that Vickie is here I think I'll go downstairs and make those yummy things I posted  the recipes for yesterday.   Then we can sit around and eat and watch TV for the afternoon.  Not a bad thing.

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