Thursday, November 8, 2012

Silly software --

I've been having problems with some of my software lately.  I could usually deal with it using the Task Manager and I would have to do that every couple days.  But all of a sudden a week or so ago the various tabs in Task Manager disappeared so there was no way to end the "processes" that were causing problems.  Only the entire programs were accessible and that wasn't something I needed to end.  So I finally did what I almost always end up doing -- I "Googled" the problem.  And sure enough, I found these instructions:
That just seemed ridiculously simple.  Why would a simple double-click bring back all of those tabs and the File/Options/View/Help menus?  When that happened, I thought for sure Task Manager must have been corrupted somehow.  But no.  They were absolutely right.  I opened it up, double clicked down there at the bottom where the arrow showed, and voila! . . . there everything was again: 
All those top tabs are back, and in particular, the processes.  Those are the ones I really needed to get to -- and now they're right where they've always been.  TOO weird.  Why the heck would that happen to begin with, and why would you get them back in such an incredibly peculiar way???

Oh, well -- I guess I'll look on the bright side . . . that's just one more thing that's not a problem any longer.

And speaking of problems that have disappeared -- Mark and David got the lights in the barn fixed back up and they replaced all the bulbs with yellow ones for me.  That way I can work out there at night without attracting mosquitoes and flies.  And as it turned out, Duke seemed to really like having the light on in there.  I left one of the stall lights on after I fed them so I could go back out later (after dark) and let Lizzie back out.  Normally, as soon as Duke is done eating he first checks everyone else's feed buckets to be sure there's nothing left in them, then he goes back out to graze until very late - after midnight.  But tonight, each time I left a dog out or looked out the window, there he was all evening - just standing there in his lighted stall looking out the door.  Hmm.  Maybe I'll just leave a low-wattage yellow light on all the time so I can see what they're all up to without having them eaten alive by mosquitoes.  We'll see how that works.  (Not sure how Lizzie and Arthur feel about lighted stalls.)

Well, it's about time to head for bed tonight since I DO have one more day to work before the weekend -- even though none of my "bosses" will be there tomorrow.  But I'm going in anyway -- that way maybe I can get caught up by the time everyone shows back up next week.

Besides, I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet (I just hope I don't get any emergency requests from LSU while everyone is gone).

So good night.

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