Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I should have known . . .

I've gotten so used to people saying they'll be over then not being able to make it that I just figured David had finally become a member of that group.  Should have known that wasn't the case.   Shame on me!  As it turned out, he didn't make it over Sunday because his roommate fell asleep at the wheel on Saturday night and ended up barely surviving that wreck.  He's in intensive care and they say he will remain completely paralyzed.  So David was over at the hospital Sunday (with a phone that wasn't working at the time), and then he was helping his roommate's parents deal with moving his roommate's possessions and deciding where he might get his subsequent long-term care when he finally gets out of ICU.  When he finally got his phone fixed, he texted me to say he'd be back this morning.   (And he was -- at 7 AM!!!  Good grief!)

All of that, combined with the horrendous problems he's been having with his pregnant ex-girlfriend (you wouldn't believe all THOSE problems, but I'm not going into THAT) have made the fact that he was back this morning just to continue lining our stalls nothing short of amazing.  He also said he would be more than happy to install our new built-in oven and later to remove the old ovens (elsewhere in the kitchen), build replacement cabinets, and put in the new countertop and backsplash.  Whew! 

Putting in a working oven will be really helpful, but it will probably be MUCH later before we can afford to do the rest of the kitchen - replacing the countertop (probably about 60+ square feet - need I say more???), and the flooring (400 square feet).   As for the backsplash, I don't think that it will be at all expensive -- I'm thinking we'll put something like beadboard back there.  In fact, come to think of it, maybe we can just put beadboard on the wall where the old ovens are going to come out too, instead of fooling with replacement sheetrock.  Much easier and cheaper - and relatively decorative in a country home sort of way.   Okay, that's one cost that won't keep me un-retired for another decade!   Now if I could just think of some sort of countertop that would be cheap but appropriate . . .

Just got a couple e-mails that the 600-foot rope and the big ol' carabiners that I'm going to use to fasten the rope to the screw rings were both delivered today.  David was going to put those screw rings in place today, so as soon as I can get that rope put up, Lizzie can hang out in front unsupervised!  Looking forward to that -- and I'm sure she is, too.  After having been out there often during the last couple weeks since she was hurt until she started eating those acorns, she's been standing there at the gate waiting patiently for me to open it.    

But I have to admit, I am NOT looking forward to the "putting it up" part.  I'm afraid if that rope is as heavy as I'm afraid it's going to be, she may have to wait for Mark to come home and help me.    Poor baby.

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