Sunday, November 25, 2012

Darn, darn, darn . . .

Unfortunately, David never showed up today -- and never even called, for that matter.  No telling if the stalls will get lined or not before he leaves for California a week or so from now. 
Anyway, when I hadn't seen or heard from him by late morning, I figured I better get a grip and go clear off the barn porch myself before Joey Hebert came by with an additional 50 bales of hay after lunch.  So I spent the morning slowly but surely moving a lot of REALLY heavy stuff off that porch and back inside the barn - except for three sheets of 3/4" plywood that weigh a TON.  Those I absolutely could NOT move.  But I did manage to pull the pallets out from behind them and then work them over all the way against the wall so they weren't taking up too much space out there.  So when Joey got here this afternoon, he managed to pile 30 bales of hay on the porch and then put another 20 in the hay shed -- even though the gate out there into that paddock doesn't open far enough to get his truck in there anymore.  David was also supposed to switch out that gate so that it would open into the paddock instead of out because it only opens out about 3 feet since he built that raised planter in the front of the barn.  So Joey ended up having to throw those bales over the fence, then pick them up and carry them over to the shed.  What a guy.  I have no idea WHAT we would do if we had to get hay somewhere else and would have to load it and unload it ourselves!  Even Mark isn't prepared to deal with that much hard work.
And while I was at it, I also marked all the spots where those cross-tie rings needs to be put up -- in case David actually shows up while I'm at work sometime.  If he doesn't come by Monday or Tuesday, I guess I'll have to find out from Mark where to find a giant drill bit so I can TRY and put them up myself.  (Hey -- I'm finding that I eventually reach a point where it does no good to say "I don't know how to . . . whatever.")
Joey says it's supposed to storm tomorrow.  Glad all that hay is piled up right there on the porch AND the tarp hung up to keep it dry.  (Thank you, Joey.) 
Now I'm going to have to spend the next few hours working on revising 30-some drawings for an application we need to file this week.  There are several applications that have to be filed, so I won't have time at work this week to deal with all those figures, so . . .

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