Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day . . .

I'll tell you what - it's not much fun, politically, when you're seriously liberal and living in Louisiana.  But we DO live in St. Gabriel, so I'm sure I wasn't the only one around here to vote for Obama this morning.  Okay.  Enough said.

Sure did enjoy sleeping last night.  And I actually slept INSIDE, too!  David installed a storm door on my bathroom and put screens back up on the front windows of the bedroom so I was able to leave both the back door and the windows open last night and the bedroom was really really cold.  Wonderful! 

The porch outside the bathroom door IS screened -- but that doesn't prevent mice and spiders from coming in, I've discovered.  So until I got the storm door I would never have left that back door open.  Mark is convinced that storms doors are completely ridiculous in the south, but hey -- I sure do like having one on back there.  It not only keeps out the mice, it will also keep the dogs from chewing on the door!  And David replaced the door frame that one of our previous dogs "ate" with cement board, so it should be there to stay, as well.  I'll tell you -- we are slowly but surely getting the house renovated in a way that should keep it safe from critters in the future, as well. 

I hope.

(As long as we never get another "Pete" anyway.)

UPDATE 11-8-12:  Just checked the results of the election by county (or Parish, in our case).  Wow!  As it turned out, we're actually NOT living in a place more conservative than my previous home in Cincinnati.  Who knew!!!  Just check these out:

This is our Parish.

And this is Baton Rouge itself.

This is Cincinati.

This is Dayton, where I grew up and where my daughter lives.

And THIS is where Jan and Mike live.  Yikes!  ;-D
Just a note.

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