Sunday, October 7, 2012

Villalobos Rescue has moved to New Orleans!

Sat down last night to watch the season opener of "Pit Bulls and Parolees" and hey! . . . they've moved their Villalobos Rescue from California down to New Orleans' 9th Ward!   Tia Torres bought a gigantic warehouse with, I think I read somewhere, 50 acres (though I'm not positive about that part).  But anyway, the dog runs are INSIDE so they won't have to deal with horrendous heat and humidity, or for that matter, cold weather in the winter. 
Given the fact that Louisiana has more parolees than about anywhere else in the country, and that there are a LOT of stray pits down there, she couldn't have chosen a more perfect "home."

After the show, I looked around on Google and found a good Times Picayune article on NOLA about their arrival.

Do check out the Villalobos Rescue web site.  She has a terrific blog, too.  It's accessed directly from the Villalobos site.

So anyone around here who might be interested in a Pit, here's their location:

On the Villalobos web site, there is one page showing dogs that, for one reason or another, are there on a permanent basis, and for whom they are requesting sponsorship.  I looked through the descriptions of the various ones and most are pretty obvious.  But one of them -- "Rhino" -- is adorable.  He's cross-eyed like one of Cass's kitties - a bit of a strange look for a gigantic pit! 

One of these days I'm going to go down and visit that place, and when I do I definitely want to see Rhino.  (I have GOT to find out why she describes him as "two french fries short of a Happy Meal.")

But in the meantime, I can enjoy our own dogs -- and that's especially true today.  Boo went to the groomer and he's looking absolutely wonderful!  (He smells great, too!)

I paid a little bit extra for them to do special work on his undercoat -- and they did!  Just look how neat and tidy he is now!  And like everyone else who's ever met him, they went on and on about what a sweet, sweet boy he is when I picked him up.  ;-D

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