Friday, October 5, 2012

It's decided . . .

Well, after spending a couple HOURS checking out photos on Google, I decided to change what I wanted done on the porch completely.  I'm going to ask David to paint the front door (and ONLY the door) and re-paint the shutters the very dark teal.  Then he's going to put a trim piece above the front door, making it look like our interior doors and windows - and like the front door looks on the inside, for that matter. 

This is the front door from the inside.
And THEN -- which will make Mark VERY happy -- he's going to paint the front door sidelights, the porch posts, and the trim around the front windows all shiny WHITE. 

And here are just SOME of the photos that convinced me that using white for the trim would be a good thing.
This looks kind of like ours -
but our teal color is a good bit
darker.   More like the ones to
each side here.

So here's the instruction sheet I sent to David.  (I can just hear him sighing - but thankfully he's a patient guy. )

Can't wait to show you an "after" picture!

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