Thursday, October 4, 2012

Decisions, decisions . . .

I CANNOT decide what color to paint the front door!  So I've been looking on Google for some examples.  Now I just have 47 more possibilities and I STILL can't decide!!!  So check  out some of those --- opinions, please.

Okay -- here's our dark teal door with white trim.  VERY nice. 
Of course we might end up having to paint that yellow/beige vinyl trim
we have around all the windows white if we do that. 
Sure looks good, though, doesn't it? 
Of course all those flowers help, too.  ;-D

There's yet another possibility.  Blue house with a RED door and white trim.
(But again - we'd probably have to get rid of all that beige/yellow vinyl trim.)

Another red door - this one with some nice dark teal shutters like we  have.  Hmmm.

Here's one reason why I've rejected the idea of a medium teal door with dark teal trim. 
This looks cluttered and tacky to me.

Think of a lighter teal door with white trim - NOT yellow.

Medium teal door with white sidelights???

All dark teal with white only around the very outside? 

If we paint the sidelights to match the door and paint just the trim white, maybe it would be good to add a top trim piece like the ones on the doors INSIDE our house.  Hmmm.

White sides allow a white storm door.

Another example of how if the sidelights are painted white, a storm door can blend in nicely.

Okay, now  -  just to help you decide, here is OUR door - and shutters - and the overall porch view. 

Door at night

Door in the daytime

Shutters that at the moment have very DARK teal "Z's" on there

So -- I need to decide what color to paint 1) the Door, 2) the sidelights, 3) the trim AROUND the door, 4) the shutters, 5) the "Z" on the shutters, and (6) the porch posts. 

You know, I think this is the very FIRST time that I can remember when I have not been able to make an immediate decision on virtually anything!  I mean, come on --- I decided instantly that - after 30+ years single - I wanted to marry Mark.  But now I can't decide what color to paint some trim???  Good grief!!  Help me out here.  Mark - what do YOU like?

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Stephanie said...

We were looking at new entry door and sidelights for our stone circa 1970+ plus house. The current set is oak and I have wanted to preserve it but the previous owners did not maintain and the wood is too grayed on the sidelights. Been wondering if I could get away with just painting the sidelights. Your photos were a big help thank you