Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh no! . . .

Just talked to Buddy.  The guy they've been working for way more than full time for a few months now has closed down that business (long story), so they're back looking for work AGAIN.  I guess they'll have time to help Mark do the wiring and plumbing in the barn now, and I really appreciate that - but liking that feels really selfish.  I do wish they had better things to do.  Well, maybe on the plus side, they'll find jobs they like BETTER than they did that last one.  I sure hope so. 

When I got home yesterday, David had installed the marble windowsill in the bedroom, put in the trim boards around the window and got the sheetrock above the formica just about patched up.  There are a couple spots that still need one more layer.  But then he's going to paint that entire wall a nice beige color (Glidden "Sahara Desert Sand") the same as the formica (Flax Gauze), and put a finish coat of white on the trim boards, baseboard, and chair rail and the window alcove will be DONE!  Can't wait.  It already looks really nice -- especially compared to that window seat that Joey had just about destroyed!  And (so far) Joey has not done ANY damage to any of the new stuff.  Once it's all complete, I'm going to put the two swivel rockers over there in that alcove with an iron table with a slate top between.  I don't THINK Joey will  try and get up on a chair that moves in all directions like those do.  And he won't be able to damage the table or the windowsill. 

Still -- I'll definitely be keeping an eye on him for a few days to be sure that's the case!  He's either going to be outside or in his crate in the meantime.  Oh - and I've been keeping those shutters closed on the bedroom window while the construction is in progress because if he doesn't see anyone out there, he doesn't try and hurt anything.  Well - maybe that's not entirely true, come to think of it.  When I came home yesterday, I let him in because it was SO hot and went out to feed the horses.  When I came back, he had taken a piece of wood that was laying on the table by the window and shredded it into a million tiny pieces in about 15 minutes!  So I guess I can't really assume he's not going to destroy ANYTHING.  Time will tell.

Mark gets home again tomorrow morning.  Hooray! 

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