Friday, August 10, 2012

Better today

Talked "calmly" to David this morning.  He felt bad about that wall problem, too, actually.  He said he was willing to replace that chipped sheet with some new formica for no fee, but I said we might as well try painting over the dark chips just to see if it makes them unnoticeable, since I have a feeling that if we spend a lot of time and money fixing it so that it's perfect, Joey will be even MORE likely to chew it up again!  

He said he had forgotten about the trim boards - they were taken off because Joey had chewed them up too!  So David said he said he would get new window trim boards for the interior and the outside of the window and paint everything with the new white paint.  So in the end, all will be fine, I'm sure.  Good thing he felt badly about it too, though.  If he had been defensive about it, I probably would have run him off and THEN where would we be??? 

I am going to be careful about what I ask him to do in the future, though.  If he hasn't done it before I probably don't want him to learn at our place.

I was planning to spend this weekend filling up the truck with stuff that needs to be donated.  But I think I'll put some ads on Craigslist first.  Or maybe even eBay.  After all, I have things like 20 purses that need to go, lots of shoes I've hardly worn at all, all kinds of things that can probably be sold.  I hate to just get rid of so much stuff.   

Mark gets home on Wednesday, and on Thursday we have our first "Merry Maids" appointment.  From now on, they will be coming to clean approximately every two weeks -- on the first day Mark is home each time, and on the day he leaves. 
Vickie, I'm sure all of you will be very grateful for that on your future visits!  (What can I say? . . . I've never been particularly fastidious - and Mark and Boo are no help!)
It's storming down here again today, but the weekend is supposed to be gorgeous - no rain and they SAY it will be significantly cooler than it's been in weeks (I'll believe that when it happens . . . IF it happens). 

I was planning to go home early today - none of my bosses are in and there are no upcoming filings anytime soon.  But as it turned out, it has taken me most of this week to complete a spreadsheet of all the foreign filings and US maintenance fees.  I need to put all that stuff together for the company we're about to hire to deal with those things (instead of me!).  So no early time off and an afternoon nap today.  But I'm sure it will be worth it not to have to handle all that stuff myself "soon." 

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