Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two steps forward, three steps back . . .

Everything we want to get done seems to be stuck at some point. 

The Formica for the wall in the bedroom had to be ordered - it will finally get here next Monday. 

Then David was about to replace the front porch corner post and the panel across the driveway end of the porch roof that are both rotted.  But we decided we'd like a louvered end panel on that end of the porch to keep it private both from the neighbors and from most of the cars going by (there are trees in front, but none between that end of the porch and the road).  So now David has to go find some louvered pieces before he can fix the porch. 

Then he was going to repaint the front door a different color,  but I wanted to go get the paint myself so I could choose the specific color.  And then I didn't know whether to get oil- or water-based paint -- not sure what was used the last time.  And we have a new lock set to put on instead of the one that's there, but it needs to have the lock changed so that the key will match the keys in all the other doors.

And my closet clean-out is stuck until David can remove the hinged storage areas along the bottom of both hanger sections of the closet.   (Which means he will need to add baseboard around the section where those storage containers will be removed.)

There's one of those on both my end and Mark's end of the closet and both of our lids are incredibly heavy.  I'll tell you what, I can't even lift mine at all.  So once things are in there, other things get stored on TOP of the lid, so the things inside end up left in there indefinitely!  No kidding - I couldn't begin to tell you what might be in there at the moment.  I have no idea.  (So whatever it is HAS to go.)  Mark feels the same way about the one on his end.  Maybe those long lids will make nice shelves in the barn or garage or somewhere.  Who cares.  Just so they're NOT in the closet anymore.  

But at least that project is INSIDE - where it's cool.  It's finally stopped raining around here - but as a result the temperature is up around 100 degrees again. (82 at dawn this morning!) 

Sure wish I could just take some days off -- I think all these projects would go a lot faster if I were home to make a run whenever David needs something or a decision needs to be made.  But since he only works weekdays and I work all week, well . . . it just takes time.

Fortunately, Bryan works on the weekends.  That's a fine thing!  He worked on the barn both days last weekend and really made a lot of progress - heat notwithstanding. 

Bryan working on the barn Saturday - his first day here.

Brian on Sunday -
after seeing the muddy mess around the barn on Saturday he wore boots on Sunday!
Very good.
This coming weekend, he's going to finish the walls inside the stalls, then pressure wash the outside of the barn, and caulk all those little openings everywhere to keep bugs OUT and to get it ready to be painted.  He's going to paint the outside blue to match the house.  Can't WAIT for that one!  When Mark comes home, they're going to run the electrical and plumbing lines, then Bryan is going to put in the insulation and put up the interior walls in the feed and tack rooms, then we'll be putting in an air conditioner/ dehumidifier / heater so neither the feed nor the tack will get moldy anymore!  (And we MAY find a way to aim a bit of that cool air down on Lizzie's stall.  My poor Cushings girl gets so hot.  She just stands there with her head down panting.  Poor baby.)

And speaking of sad sacks -- poor Arthur had been making himself absolutely sick racing up and down the fence divider between his paddock and Lizzies until he was absolutely DRIPPING with sweat even before the temperature zoomed back up.  And then he'd get the runs.  Poor guy!  I was afraid he was going to end up with an ulcer!  So -- instructions from Zoilo notwithstanding -- I turned him out this weekend.  Wow!  He is SO happy!  He seldom bothers to come inside now, even to eat his feed - unless Mark or I will stand there petting him while he eats.  He likes being petted enough to stand there and eat.  

I've been walking out into the pasture to pet him and give him treats, then I just walk away from him.  I'm hoping eventually he will decide he not only doesn't need to run from me, but he will actually come TO me whenever he sees me.  I hope.  That's the case with both Duke and Lizzie, so I hope he comes around to that too, eventually. 

Don't know if Arthur has managed to attract them, or it's just a coincidence, but ever since he's been out in the pasture with Duke and Lizzie, they've ALL been absolutely surrounded by egrets.  I looked out the window last weekend and saw for the first time about a dozen of them hanging out right next to everyone.

They all have them around, but Arthur is generally surrounded --

Lizzie has a few - but nothing like Arthur.

Once there are more than a few, Lizzie tries to trot off and get away from them.
I guess they get the point with her!

I'll have to look into those birds.  Not sure if there is something they could be exposing them to - or if they're doing them some good by eating the bugs that come up out of the grass while they're grazing.   NOT that there's anything I could do to run them off if they're not good for them!

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