Saturday, July 28, 2012

A very full day! . . .

Soooo much went on today.  For starters, Bruce and Bonnie came down last night.  They met with the sellers of that property next door today to get formal Purchase Agreements signed.   The sellers came by the house today just after lunch, I'm told.  But I was over at Home Depot at the time, picking up samples of that Formica I plan to have put on the bedroom walls so I didn't get a chance to meet them.  The papers DID get signed though.  Excellent! 

This is the "Flax Gauze" Formica I plan to use below a chair rail in the bedroom.
(Sorry, Joey - no more sheetrock snacks.)

Then the guy who cut up that tree that fell on the fence last month finally came back by to give us a price on topping all those trees in the back pasture, and to give Bruce and Bonnie a price to clear that land.  As far as their price for clearing is concerned, though, he said he would need to wait until it gets drier here so he can clear a few paths through the place to see exactly what the clearing project involves.  So who knows about that at this point.  I imagine they will go with the guy who did our back pasture instead anyway, since we KNOW he can do a fine job in a very short time.

Buddy and Lisa were back today to clear the stalls and paddocks and pasture, but they also brought Bryan over to meet us and discuss working here on weekends.  He has a job during the week, but wants to work Saturdays AND Sundays as well for a while to save up money so he can move.  Wasn't sure if he planned to actually begin working today or just come meet us and talk about it, but he got busy finishing up the cement board on the exterior of the barn as soon as he arrived! And he got a lot done in just the 5 hours they were here!  I'm impressed.  I think he's going to finish the exterior of the barn AND those interior walls, too.  Then he plans to paint it (it's going to be the same blue as the house), and I'm HOPING he will paint the interior and install those vinyl liners on the stall interior walls, too. 

Mark wants him to help run the electrical conduit and the plumbing lines, as well.  Whew!  Don't know how many weekends he will want to work, but we sure have plenty for him to do for as long as he wants to do it, that's for sure!

And I'll tell you what - David has been doing a good job, but he invariably comes over late and leaves early.  Bryan, when he got started, settled in and worked hard all afternoon!  I was really impressed.  He DID come with Buddy and Lisa, though - so I should have known.

Oh - and while everyone was doing their thing here at our house, a branch fell from one of the trees across the road and hit the electrical transformer on that power pole.  The transformer itself didn't fall, but SOMETHING obviously did.  Whatever it was went up in flames instantly, burned for a good while, then just as suddenly went completely out!

Then AFTER the fire went out, TWO fire trucks showed up and watered everything down.  The power was out all the while, too (thank goodness we have a generator - the house stayed air conditioned).

They bypassed that transformer somehow and turned the power back on in just a short time.  Then eventually the power company came and replaced the transformer and everything went back to normal.  Amazing how quickly those things get repaired when it's not caused by a storm.  It was probably the only current problem at the time.  So anyway all is well again now.  Darned odd that a small branch like that could cause so much chaos. 

Then before Bruce and Bonnie headed back home, Buddy made us all a FINE dinner!  He made meat-filled and shrimp-filled snacks of some sort that we all got to eat while he fixed the fish.  And he brought over a BUNCH of catfish today - and I mean a LOT.  After making dinner for all seven of us , there were still 6 or 7 huge pieces of uncooked fish AND several leftover pieces of the fried fish.   He left all that stuff for us to have later this week.   But today, when HE did all the cooking he made a seafood sauce that went on top of the fried fish that was really excellent!  AND more bread pudding!  (Yeaaaa!) 

So now that Bruce and Bonnie have gone home, and Buddy and Lisa and Bryan are all gone, it seems incredibly quiet around here.  We really enjoyed the day, but I think I'll be going to bed early tonight!

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