Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Joey !!! . . . you are in BIG trouble!

David removed that window seat we wanted to get rid of and put up sheetrock under the windows.  It looks like it PROBABLY looked good.  Unfortunately, Joey was let back inside after they left and, well ---  check it out . . .

Grrrrrrr.  Mark said Joey hadn't been in more than 5 minutes when he saw that mess.  Talk about p---d off!  No, I didn't beat him when I got home.  But I DID make darned sure he was NOT going to continue that destruction.  He will be resting in his room whenever he's inside until that construction is complete . . . at LEAST that long!!!

He obviously knows he's going to be staying in there for a while. He's not even ASKING to come out.   The little bozo!

Okay - more later when I'm feeling a bit cheerier.  Right now I'd just like to flatten someone!

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