Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here we go again . . .

It is storming out there BIG TIME.  I hate this!  I guess I should feel guilty about complaining so much about rain after reading all those news articles about the terrible drought, but come ON . . . if only I could find a way to send this continuous rain up north!!!

Just LOOK at this . . .

Looks like we'll get a bit of a break -- just before that hard red storm moves down on us.  Any other time a radar like this would mean that we'd be out of the whole thing in no time because it would normally be moving off to the East.  It's hard to understand why the heck things are happening the way they are now.  This storm is moving in on us from the North/Northeast -- that virtually never happens down here in the summer.  In summer, weather always come from the Southwest, the Northwest or sometimes just the West.  But not this time.

So when we heard the thunder and lightning start, we went out and covered up those big ol' soon-to-be-shutters with plastic.  David put those grooves into all of them today so they look like they're made of boards and not solid wood.   He's going to paint those tiny grooves a slightly darker shade so they will be visible from the street.

Anyway, even though they're under the roof on the porch the wind is blowing big time so better safe than sorry.  Had to cover them up.  David is probably planning to paint them tomorrow - but that can't happen if they get wet. 

On the other hand, it might be good if he were forced to go inside and take that tacky old "window seat" out tomorrow instead of later.  I'm really looking forward to being rid of that thing.   Hmmm.

Joey better enjoy his naps on there because the thing definitely IS going -- soon, I hope. 

I just hope that once all those holes in the sheetrock are repaired that Joey won't just go and ruin a wall somewhere else -- or go back to the SAME spots all over again, for that matter!  (That little table and the storage box sitting on there are there to keep him away from the walls so he can't enlarge the holes he's already made.)

And for that matter, Joey isn't the only one who's screwing up our house.  I looked out yesterday and saw Duke backing up against the front gate to his paddock for some reason.  The gate is chained shut to the corner post of the dog yard chain link fence.  And just as I started over to run him off I saw the top rail of the fence pop right out.  He pushed against the gate so hard that the post leaned away and the top rail came right out.  Sigh. 

What it would take to secure it so that it can't happen again, I don't know.  I hope Mark does.

You know, people without any pets must be able to fix up their house just once - and never have to do anything again.  Wow.  Imagine that. 

But I have to say - having pets actually IS worth it. 

Of course that's easy for ME to say since I'm not the one who ends up having to deal with most of that stuff. 

Still . . .

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