Thursday, July 19, 2012

Those doors are turning into shutters! . . . at last!

Our new construction guy, David Behrens, is at the house turning those solid-core doors we've had leaning up against the wall on the front porch for the last couple years into sliding shutters that I'll be able to just slide closed in the event of a hurricane.  Can't WAIT to get home and see how they're going to look! 

Here's that picture I gave him to show how I want them to turn out.
Can't wait to see.

If it rains again this afternoon, he's going to come inside and remove that window seat for us, repair the half dozen places in the walls where Joey has eaten holes in the sheetrock, install new baseboards, and then paint the entire window alcove.  Excellent!  I'll tell you what, if I have a choice this guy is going to be spending more time at our house than he does at his own over the next few months!!  We have so much that needs done and he seems to be such a good worker for such a reasonable price. 

It's time for lunch, and I've already gotten the two applications that had to be filed today filed so I'm seriously tempted to go home early.  But since John is up in Reno with Khayenne at a dog competition and won't be back until Tuesday, and Jeanne will be off tomorrow and Monday as well, I guess I better stay here today and plan on spending that extra time at home tomorrow instead.  I have a list of a dozen projects I want to get estimates for from David, but that can wait until tomorrow I guess.

And Buddy and Lisa will be bringing a relative of theirs over tomorrow to help Mark with some of the barn projects, too, so we'll see how he does compared to David.  But with two guys around to help, maybe we can actually get enough done that the house will no longer look like we're still in the process of moving in after TEN years!!

Mark plans to tighten down that tent storage place out back and put down pallets on the ground while he's home this time so we can get this year's first truckload of hay soon.  We are actually about out of what we had left from last fall at this point.  Since eveyone has been closed inside their paddocks due to all the rain, they've actually been eating a whole lot more hay this year than they normally would during the summer.   But it was so warm all last winter that they grazed more and ate less hay over the winter, so it's all evened out in the end!  

Well, lunch is over.  Back to work. 

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