Friday, July 20, 2012

Working weekend --

David put the first coat of paint on the shutters before he left today.  They're going to look just fine, I think.  He'll be painting those grooves a darker color and putting another coat over the entire surface on Monday.  Hope sitting out there in the rain doesn't have too much of an effect on them, because it has been pouring down rain today and is predicted every single day for the next week, as well. 
Once those walls get pressure washed to clean them up, it should look even better.
Here it is pouring - I even got a couple of emergency warnings on the cell phone - never a good thing! 
Yep - major rain . . . the pond is full again.
 And it has, in fact, begun to flood around here again. 
We have GOT to get that drain that runs under the driveway opened back up. 
The front yard is a disaster when it rains these days.

You probably can't see it, but the driveway is under about 6 inches of water.
I think the news reported that we had between 4 and 5 inches of rain out this way today - plus 2200 lightning strikes in this area.  Hmm.  Guess it's a darned good thing it IS wet if that lightning is going to try and start fires everywhere.

Mark turned the horses out this morning, but when he heard the thunder and lightning begin this afternoon, he headed out to bring them back into their paddocks -- but when he got out to the barn all three of them were already in their rooms!  It's been raining every day down here for so long that they've come to expect to spend EVERY evening inside these days.  Well, it's good we don't have to argue with them. 

Okay - time for bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow, and it will all have to be done in the morning before the rain starts yet again.

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