Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last night it stormed like crazy.  TONIGHT the power went out!  Go figure.  But it's finally back on (all the lights in the bedroom suddenly blazed and woke me up) so here I am, back on the computer at 3 AM.  Sigh. 

But I had to tell you about last evening.  When I walked in the door from work I heard Boo literally SCREAMING.  I've never heard anything like it.  It sounded like something absolutely horrible had happened to him - a bookcase fell on him - or he caught his foot in something - or someone had broken in and stabbed him . . . it HAD to be something incredibly awful! 

I raced up the stairs toward the sound and found that he had gone into one of the guest rooms that we usually keep closed up and the door had simply gone closed after he went in, trapping him in there.  It must have happened not long after I left for work because when I let him out he raced downstairs and drank for ages!  But despite the fact that the poor guy must have been in there all day and was having an absolute fit, he had not put a single scratch on anything!  That boy is nothing short of amazing!   If that had been any other dog we've ever had, the door would have been completely destroyed by the time I got home (in Pete's case, probably the wall as well.) 

That Boo is the PERFECT dog!  Wow!

Actually, Rocky is a pretty darned good boy, as well.  He spent the first years of his life putting up with Niki.  Then not long after Niki died, Joey came -- not an easy guy to live with either!  Poor Rock.  But now he seems to have turned into something like Joey's kind uncle or something.  He stays close to him all the time but never harrasses him or tries to take his toys from him or anything.  He just seems to enjoy watching him play and following him around the yard when they're outside.

It's not like he couldn't find a toy to chew on himself -- there are lots of them all over the place (I need to keep Joey occupied and prevent him from tasting the furniture!) but he doesn't seem interested in having any of them for himself.

Joey, on the other hand, chews constantly.  If he's not running, he's chewing.  It always looks like he's teething,  despite the fact that he's a year and a half old.  But he has finally stopped chewing on everything around him and confined himself to his toys, so it's fine with me.  I just keep buying him more chew toys every time I buy dog food! 

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