Thursday, November 4, 2010

More about Boo . . .

As he settles in and I get to know him better I find Boo is a really special dog.  He is extremely people-oriented.  But he also seems to be getting a bit protective.  He's different from other protective dogs I've had in the past, though.  Those dogs never made a secret of it!  Come near me and they would growl and bark and carry on.  Boo -- no.  He just gets very very still and waits to see what my reaction is going to be.  If I'm friendly, he's friendly.  But he waits.  I haven't had anyone around that I was even slightly concerned about since he came, but it will be interesting to see what his reaction will be if I'm ever frightened. 

When he goes out, sometimes there are stray dogs or possums or other wild animals outside the fence.  The other dogs will race up to the fence and bark their heads off, then start running up and down the fence line.  Boo will instead sneak over to the oak trees that are set back maybe 15 feet from the fence and stop there without making a sound.  The branches in several places are only a few inches above his head and that's where he goes.  He stands absolutely still under those branches and watches whoever or whatever is out there until they move away.  At night, even with the flood lights on, there is no way anyone could see him standing back in the shadows like that.  I think if a person were ever to climb that fence they might find it was a mistake.  Hard to know for sure, but it's definitely comforting to have Boo.  I haven't felt this secure since Bruce Lee died. 

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