Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Mark came home today and I held my breath, but he thinks Boo is GREAT!  What a relief!  And Boo seems to adore Mark as well.  Life is good. 

Tomorrow I get to sleep in (Joey doesn't have therapy tomorrow) and then come home and kick back and relax (Mark will be feeding the horses).   Aaaaaah - lovely!

Then on Friday evening if it isn't raining Mark and I plan to go over to the Extreme Cowboy competition over in Prairieville.  It's just the kids and the novice adults who will be competing on Friday, but I want to see how the novice thing goes because if either of us ever decide to compete it would definately have to be as novices!  Then Janet and I plan to go to see the regular competition on Saturday while Mark gets started on installing the fencing now that the posts have all been painted.  

So I'm looking forward to another nice weekend. 

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