Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It was a nice weekend ...

Spent Sunday morning at the barn.  Decided to saddle up Duke and try riding him in the round pen.  Well -- unlike out in the woods where he loves to take off at a full-out gallop, it was all I could do to get him to even walk at a decent rate in the round pen, let alone trot.  Spent quite a while trying, but eventually I ended up dripping wet -- even though the temperature was only in the 70's -- while HE was still totally dry, the big lug!  Eventually I gave up and packed it in, telling him "You just wait 'til your daddy gets home!!" 

When I visited with Janet later in the day, she loaned me a short riding crop and suggested a pair of those rounded humane spurs.  I'm definately going to get some.  I apparently don't have enough strength in my legs to impress Duke!

Janet's two new horses arrived at their place Sunday.  Two VERY sweet boys.  Sammy is a spotted red roan.  The ad said he was a blue roan but, in fact, he's white with red roan markings.  VERY unique.  And the other boy, Pepe (now "Buddy") - wow!   His markings remind me of those pictures you see of Indian horses.

First "Pepe," then "Buddy" - now "Dave" (so the new horses are now "Sam and Dave")

Isn't he GORGEOUS??!

Perkins Rowe

Then last night, Monday, I had dinner over at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen at Perkins Rowe. It was Torri's birthday dinner although her birthday is actually today. The dinner was really nice -- and that shopping plaza is really lovely at night. It's very much like The Greene up in Dayton. Hadn't ever been over there at night before. I really liked it! Got there a bit late so I didn't get time to take pictures, but I found a few online. Here's how it looks in daytime - which is how I always thought of it:

But last night it was dark by the time I got over there and it looked entirely different!  LOVE those street lights.  And I loved seeing those condos on the tops of some of the buildings.  If I were going to live somewhere other than on a rural property, that's the kind of place I'd like - as opposed to a subdivision or someplace like that.    When I worked in Cincinnati, I lived in Bellevue, an area with hundred-year-old houses right next to each other right along the river with a view of downtown Cincinnati.  I could never have afforded a downtown condo, but Bellevue, Kentucky was right across the river from downtown Cincinnati and had it's own little restaurants and stores and river boats, etc.  I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I'm really glad I went over there after dark last night.  Thanks, Torri!

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