Saturday, August 20, 2016

We are SO grateful that our home didn't get flooded . . . and SO sad for our friends!

We were so terrified when the water came almost up to our tall porch (as you can see in those photos below).  But the water went back down from our property within just a couple days. 

But a number of our friends have gotten damaged homes. And I'll tell you what - there have been over 110,000 houses completely damaged in the four local parishes -- Iberville (us), East Baton Rouge, Ascension, and Livingston.  (For that matter, more than 20 state parishes have been damaged to date!)  And there were even 13 people who died in that flood here locally as well!   

We were horrified when that water came up, but as I said, it thankfully went done here in our property before very long. But almost all the houses over on the road just across Nicholson where we lived before we bought this house - just a little way away from here -  have all been flooded and they're STILL covered in water.  That road is even flooded so you can't drive down there either.  And over there on Manchac Road right near there, the Bayou Manchac water is STILL going up!  That is SO frightening.  

But the weather posts that it will continue to rain daily for as long as it indicates.  Sure hope it eventually stops so the water can just get down eventually.  Lets hope so anyway.

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