Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our front porch and the raised flower bed are moving up . . .

That raised bed area in front of the house is looking better and better isn't it? . . .

Of course, those pots are going to be removed and the flowers
will get planted, so that bed will look even better tomorrow.

I've also gotten more furniture for the front porch, too, lately. In fact, yesterday I got a sofa and an indoor-type chair as well -- see those there in the corner in the photo below?

There's that furniture I got this weekend --
 I really enjoy sitting on those instead of just on plain old outdoor chairs!

Jerry planted a lot of plants in that raised bed today, but I bought a bunch more after he left, so we still have to install a bunch of them tomorrow -- Mark will be doing that instead of Jerry this time. (Poor Mark.  Sigh.)   

It's not supposed to rain until Monday night or Tuesday, so I guess we will have time to get those plants planted.  But it IS supposed to rain for an entire 4 or 5 days this coming week. Sure hope that rain doesn't make things too messy in that flower bed!  We've got someone coming over to install a gutter across the porch roof there above that raised bed so that the rain won't run off the entire roof and into that bed, but they can't come do it until early July so I HOPE those plants don't get killed in the meantime!

Anyway, I did get a number of various plants that I really like:

Well, I'm so glad we've gotten all that updated at this point. We planned to do that over the last year or two, so it's really nice to have it out there now.  Nice, huh?

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