Monday, April 25, 2016

Okay - the front porch is finished . . .

Finally got all those chairs off of the back patio and onto the front porch and I cleaned up that table today as well.   

Nice to have it there at the corner of the porch!

Now that all those things were removed from that area there on the left, Mark
can park his golf cart there on the porch instead of having to drive it into the garage.
I still probably need to wash those seat cushions since they've been out in the rain for years.  Or maybe I just need to get some new ones, I don't know.  But anyway, we feel like it's really nice to have that table handy out there on the porch instead of in the back yard now.  And it's fairly private as well, given those panels we had put up out there last year as well.

Now once we get that raised flower bed installed there in front of the porch with nice new flowers it'll be really REALLY nice out there!  Looking forward to that.

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