Sunday, January 3, 2016

Terrific month!

 It's been a terrific few weeks lately.  First Mark's sister Vickie and her husband John came down from DC the weekend before Christmas until the next weekend.  While they were here we got visits from a lot of their friends and families as well.  That was really nice.
Amy and Gerry and their two kids

Mark's niece Christine and her husband Patrick

John and Claire (at the bottom) took this picture when they came
to visit us and Vickie and John (in the middle).  Cute, huh?

John and Bruce visiting this Christmas down here.
John and his wife Vickie, and his brother Bruce and his wife Bonnie
will both be building houses and living next door to us once they get retired.  Can't wait!

John and his brother Michael

Michael looking at Angelle and Ben

Vickie and her sister-in-law Amy

Vickie and her nephew John

But then the day after Vickie and John left last weekend, Wendy and Gerard came down from Ohio for the next week! That was GREAT!  I do like visiting up in Ohio so we can go see everyone I've known virtually forever up there!  But it sure was nice to have them down here with us.  It was so nice to have Gerard here with us most of the time because he's continually at work when I've been up there to visit in Ohio.

Wendy and Gerard - photo downstairs

And another photo taken upstairs  ;-D

Then Gerard took a photo of Wendy with me as well !

But now everyone has gone home and have been resting up after the holidays.  But I'm sure looking forward to getting visits again whenever!  And actually, I'd really like Mark and me to go visit them up in Ohio and in DC!  Hmmm.  Time to find a horse / dog / cat handling person.  Well, maybe in spring.  Handling the horses outside in winter isn't nearly as much fun.  But hey -- maybe some of the LSU Vet students would be perfectly willing to come handle them since they did come by after examining Arthur and gave them all shampoos and foot care.  Nice.  So I guess I can check with them first of all when we get ready to go visit.

Well, with the holidays over I guess I need to get busy and deal with all the things we want to rearrange here in the house.  But hey -- life is great these days.

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