Thursday, November 6, 2014

Productive last weekend --

Glad things all got done last weekend because it's raining out there at the moment - although they're saying it won't be raining by this weekend either.  Anyway - Jerry managed to get the entire far side of the barn, including that new porch, primed and painted last weekend, even the trim pieces and the posts got painted in that dark teal. 

Nice to have that far side painted now that you can see that part of the barn when driving by (now that trees have been removed on the property next door it's visible from the road).

Then once Jerry finished painting the barn, he sawed off those posts around the new round pen down to the height of those panels, and he painted those posts with that permanent black paint that we got from Ramm Horse Fencing.  We got 10 gallons of that stuff back when we ordered the fence itself, so a full 5-gallon cane was still available for Jerry this weekend.  Down the road, Mark said he would rub out those panels with vinegar and then they can also get painted black.  That'll look good, given the fact that the fences are all black, as well.

It's going to look REALLY good when we get those panels
and gates all painted black, as well as the posts.
While Jerry was dealing with the barn and those posts, I was tidying up the utility room and the kitchen and finishing rearranging the furniture in the living room, and bedroom and in the library upstairs.  Whew! 

Mark came home yesterday morning and I'm not only happy to have him home, I'm also looking forward to coming home from work and just sitting down for a while -- at least until he has to go over to Lafayette next Monday to Wednesday for some work study thing.  But it's just as well that I'll need to get back to feeding the horses and tidying up the barn every evening by myself again then.  Much as I am looking forward to NOT doing that for a little while, that's actually a good thing.  If I were able to just sit around for very long, I'd probably start having trouble moving around at all!  That would not be good.  

I was seriously concerned last night with Joey.  He got one of Gigi's bones and ate the whole darned thing!  Then when it came time for supper he not only didn't want to eat, he didn't want to even get up and move around!  Scare me to death.  But this morning before I left for work he did get up and went outside and spent a while out there clearing things out!  And when I gave them all breakfast, he ate again, thank goodness!  Okay - NO MORE BONES, Joe!  Sigh.

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