Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's always something more . . .

We knew we had had some water problems -- like the broken washing machine water line that flooded the entire kitchen/dining room area a couple years back, or that leak in the dishwasher under the perimeter cabinets, or even the dogs who "went" inside instead of out from time to time.  But we had no idea! . . . when David removed the laminate flooring in the kitchen/dining room yesterday, about half of the plywood underneath was COVERED with mold!  Yuk!  So he put bleach on the whole thing yesterday and we left all the windows and even doors open and a fan on, letting it dry out.  The plywood where the bleach removes the mold will stay, the other sheets will be removed and replaced with new plywood sheets.  Sigh.  Jobs are always bigger and more expensive than expected.  But I'm sure glad to know that there WON'T be mold under the new flooring when he's done. 

I just have my fingers crossed that he will be able to get the kitchen done soon enough that he will have time to deal with the stall doors.  We'd really like to have them put up before the next hurricane season opens June 1.  Last year we had to just nail plywood sheets over the doors when the storm came!  And if David doesn't build them before he moves away, I imagine we won't have any on there this year either.   

Okay - time for work.

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