Thursday, December 13, 2012

I need to get a grip . . .

I don't know why, but today I just want to deck everyone I come across.  Grrrrr.  Got in early to get some things filed but they still aren't ready to go - maybe this afternoon. 
Went over to get my hair just trimmed around the edges and instead she did a full cut and I was gone way more than an hour for "lunch" -- with no food. 
Then driving back I ended up behind some woman who obviously didn't want to get to wherever she was going because she let at least a dozen cars in from the side in front of them in the mile or so between the salon and the interstate and she managed to stop at every single traffic light along the way.   Grrrrr. 
Then a week or two ago I had filled out a questionnaire to determine whether I qualify for a clinical trial over at Pennington for some sort of exercise/walking program "to compare the impact of different walking programs on weight, blood pressure, and other health related outcomes."  Hadn't heard from them until today when they called to let me know that I qualify, but that before I decide if I want to participate I have to go to a forum TONIGHT at 5:30 -- on a day when I really REALLY just want to go home and lock myself in a nice EMPTY room for a while!   (They may end up sorry they insisted upon my presence.)

But hey -- I AM currently in my nice private office with my door closed (though not locked -- although I DID consider that), so maybe by the time I leave here this evening I'll feel a bit less -- what? . . . aggressive?   bellicose?  quarrelsome?

well, maybe . . .

But in the meantime,  don't mess with me!!

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