Thursday, October 18, 2012

A VERY daunting morning . . .

I got up this morning and, still half asleep, wandered out to let Joey and Rocky out.  But when I glanced over toward the barn, there was Duke sprawled on the ground in his paddock perfectly still.  And he STAYED still when I talked, and even when I shouted at him.  So I ran around and out the front to get to the barn.  The camera was by the door so I grabbed that as well so I could send pics to his vet.  And it definitely looked like I was going to need to!

All the while I was approaching him, I was talking . . . LOUD!

He does sometimes sleep on the ground, but it's almost always with his feet folded under him and his head up.  NOT like this.

I got right up to him, and I kept talking and started petting him and . . . nothing!   He never moved.  And just look at his face!!  He WAS warm but he sure didn't LOOK alive.  I was absolutely terrified!

I ran inside and got a washcloth and wet it and ran back out to see if I could find anything blocking his nose.  But apparently he had begun to come to, because as soon as I got up there and touched him with that washcloth he jumped up, shook himself, and looked over at me very much like Mark does when I wake HIM up.    ;-D    Like "what the heck do you want that can't wait until later???"  But he seemed perfectly happy to let me clean him up and spray him with fly spray, and then he just wandered out like a perfectly normal guy.  And I went inside and just SAT for a while trying to calm down.  Talk about scared to death!!  Gees!

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