Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain .... gees!

I thought today was a nice (if warm) day.  Looked out the window at work a few times and saw only a fine sunny day.  But when I pulled in to the house this afternoon the driveway was under water!  Oh, no!  And sure enough - when I turned on the news this evening, they said heavy rain storms had moved in from the Gulf and poured in South Baton Rouge, then disintegrated as soon as they crossed Interstate 10.  (Hey, Mark -- you're always telling me tornadoes never come south of I-10 . . . but you failed to mention that that didn't apply to rain storms!)

Well, at least there are no additional branches down on the fence tonight.  Guess that's good enough. 

Unfortunately, they say it's going to rain all week (making the grass grow a couple inches a day!), then be nice and clear all weekend, and THEN -- yep, it's supposed to rain hard again all next week.  So when Mark gets home that yard that will REALLY need mowed by then, and those weeds Buddy cut down that will need to be sprayed with weed killer by then . . . WON'T be. 

NOTHING will get done.


Well - at least Mark will get to relax for a while before he has to get to work.  I guess that's a good thing after all.

And hey - maybe Buddy will have time to spray those weeds while he and Lisa are here this weekend.  If there are two whole days without rain this weekend, that should be just enough time for that weed killer to do its thing.  And given what a pain it was for him to cut those things down this week, I guess he might actually WANT to be sure they don't grow back!

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